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How To Tell If You Have A Demon Or A Ghost In Your Home

How To Tell If You Have A Demon Or A Ghost In Your Home

Sadly, in this world it is acceptable to dismiss people who are living in fear of demonic activity as "unstable", foolish, ignorant and superstitious.

If you are new to acknowledging that demons are real you must know they are not all powerful, there is a way out, and there is hope for you.  Very often people assign too much power to demons, don’t get me wrong, there are very powerful ones, but many are also merely an annoyance.

What dubious "paranormal experts" fail to realize when they dismiss those in question is that demons are not rare and exotic "chaos energies" that we hardly ever have the displeasure of encountering.  They are very real, have likes and dislikes, personalities and memories, and are not hampered by the laws of our universe that we as mortal humans have to live in.

They are very commonplace and quite a daily element for billions.  People who are made to feel as if they are ignorant for believing they have a demonic infestation are also being victimized by the paranormal community that is supposed to exist to aid these very people.

I am acutely aware that droves of alleged victims are merely psychic vampires who are desperate needy people who will say anything to have groups of paranormal investigators or pastors dote over them.  I am not addressing those "people".  They are an entirely separate issue all together that is more pathological than paranormal.

Here are some tell-tale signs that it is demonic:

{I must advise you that some of these symptoms may be side effects of medication or mental & physical illness. You must educate yourself and use discernment so as not to be "medieval" about these issues.}

    Seeing black humanoids or black dogs
    Ghost like entities with missing features {without a face or eyes is common}
    Growling noises that do not have a source in this realm
    Being pinched, punched, or slapped when nothing is there [some medications may cause sensations that may be mistaken for these symptoms, such as painful sensations in the nervous system. Please rule out any medication side effects first.]
    Have you been sexually assaulted or raped by something invisible
    Are you held down or grabbed by something you cannot see
    Nighttime paralysis when awake & lucid {often associated with a manifestation/visitation, not naturally occurring sleep paralysis which is equally as bizarre or frightening and can also have sexual or fearful elements.}
    Abrupt head pains or nausea that passes when sensing fear
    Scratches on your body when no one is there
    Anomalous voices such as preternaturally deep, very fast, or angry
    Becoming abruptly ill without cause {I must add that I have physical symptoms when I am near a ghost or a demon. With time and experience you may learn to tell the difference.}
    Voices that seem to come from deep inside walls shouting your name, fighting or having orgies
    A naturally sturdy person becoming weary or faint
    Regular daily fatigue setting in when you were normally healthy
    Beset by insomnia {this is also a symptom of demonic oppression. they break us down by keeping us awake for long periods to break our will.  We are much easier to influence after being kept awake for too long.}
    Are you often seized with unexplainable fear that makes you feel physically ill
    Do you feel as if your organs [heart or lungs] are seized or made to palpitate by something that you sense to be evil  {this is odd for someone who does not have an ailment such as asthma or heart disease or hypertension. Side note: many medications can cause anxiety, breathlessness or rapid heartbeat and palpitations such as dyphenhydramine or Benadryl commonly taken as a sleep aid or for allergies.}
    Suddenly feeling hot spots or freezing areas may also be a manifestation of a demon
    Items you use daily that you do not misplace disappearing, after losing your mind tearing apart your house for the fifth time are never found again
    Popping sounds often accompany demonic activity {not house settling noises, more of an electrical type of sound. Make sure to check the wiring in a home, electrical arcing sounds the same as these popping sounds many hear, old or faulty wiring in a home can cause this which is dangerous and can start fires in the home.}
    Knocking or booming noises may occur in the foundation or walls of a home.  They have a muffled FX filtered sound; they sound synthesized or fake somehow. {Often misdiagnosed as a poltergeist, this is basically just a demon.}
    Are you a naturally cheerful person who is abruptly taken over by despair or rage {You consider yourself to be free of mental illness and have no prior symptoms of bi-polar, or other mental issues. If you suspect you have mental health issues see a Doctor right away.}
    Have you experienced being swiftly taken over by an urge to kill yourself {and you are not suffering from mental illness or having a bad reaction to a medication.}
    Do your pets often growl or act fearful of something you cannot see {Animals see into spectrums of light or energy our eye's do not, such as the infrared spectrum and the like.}
    Are you suddenly plagued by suspicion of trusted friends and family without real reasons {Drug addiction and mental illness can cause unwarranted feelings of suspicion of everyone around you, see a Doctor right away if you suspect you may be ill.}
    Are you suddenly experiencing aberrant thoughts {To be sexually savage or to rape & harm humans and animals. Make sure you are not suffering from a serious mental disorder by seeing a doctor right away.}
    Are you receiving vivid impulses to cut or hurt yourself  {Doctors may diagnose this as a symptom of trauma but this is also a trait of demonic assault. Many medications can cause a sudden urge for self injury, make sure that your medication is not the cause first, call your Doctor immediately if you are taking medication that makes you feel this way.}
    Sudden putrid smells of death or smells of sulfur {this isn't just something that happens on an episode of "Supernatural"}


Reality check: It is logical to say that there are millions of demons, probably more.  They are extremely territorial, and clever. Fallen Angels have an incomprehensible intelligence, whilst demon's [disembodied souls of nephilim] being much baser creatures tend to be a bit insane. Keeping tabs on us, our weaknesses, and how to manipulate or mentally unravel us is not an obstacle for them.  Rather it's their favorite hobby and a passionate obsession for them.  It's their mission.

   Often in the realm of paranormal investigators, I have noticed that many people do not understand that demons are common and a regular element of life in this world. Their activity is much more mundane than people are willing to discern.  More people are dealing with them than they know, the sooner we all understand this the easier it will be to protect ourselves from their kind.

And now common signs of human hauntings:

A note: Since demonic entities impersonate humans it can be difficult to separate the two.  I'm not saying there is no such thing as a ghost, it can be tricky to figure out what we are actually dealing with when experiencing this phenomena. You'll just have to pray and play it by ear. .  Do your research ask the victim lots of questions, if it is demonic you will see the signs. They [demons] cannot help but expose themselves eventually.  With that in mind let's proceed



    Smelling perfume that no one is wearing
    Scent of tobacco or pipe smoke when no one has lit up
    Sounds of someone going about their daily routine that is no longer with us {I used to live in an old apartment that a lonely man had died in.  I often used to hear him walking down my long hallway late at night to use the bathroom.}
    Are your belongings moved after you put them where they ought to be as if someone else is saying "No! that goes here!" {This is also a tactic of demonic activity used to slowly unhinge your grasp on sanity.  "They" derive great pleasure from making perfectly normal people completely crazy, or "gaslighting" someone.}
    Remembering something that has not happened to you, or, having a memory projected into your mind, when in certain rooms or using pieces of furniture, or having a sense of past activities that may have occurred {If you are a sensitive you will know.  For the vulnerable this is a stratagem used by the demonic to influence someone to detach from the present and their life by getting lost in someone else's past.  In addition this is also how we are tricked into thinking reincarnation is real.  If you are offended by my saying "Oh I was day dreaming that I was Cleopatra or Napoleon so I must've been! That's proof of reincarnation!"  No, it's proof we are gullible and have an innate desire to be special & an imagination that is manipulated to our detriment, ergo we need all the help we can get.}
    Some sensitives may also become influenced by the imprint left behind of the deceased. Displaying the dead persons traits or mannerisms {Once again be aware, this may also be a symptom of possession or mental illness. Pray to God that he give you the insight to see what is really going on. Do not neglect to take the victim to a Doctor if needed. And do research to make sure this person is not prone to fantastical or delusional thinking, or a compulsive liar or trickster. }
    Cold spots on furniture or in rooms {people often associate this with ghosts, but I've found that real ghosts are few and far between. Most apparitions are entities pretending to be human ghosts.}

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Comment by Ann Young on December 1, 2012 at 3:30am

I've had a whole lotta spirit visitors over the years, showing up in a lot of different forms. Most of the time, they seem to come to me, and my belief is that they're drawn to my energy and openness about the paranormal. I've encountered some that have definitely made me uneasy, but never one that seemed truly evil. I like it that way!

Comment by steve on November 27, 2012 at 4:21pm

 hello  steve r

  what you think my pic of ghost on my pic blue on body  what of ghost or demon or what?

Comment by Chazz (TYP Owner) on November 27, 2012 at 4:09pm

I meant to mention... If anyone likes this post and conversation, remember to favorite it and to share it with others. That helps to make the post and the network a better success

Comment by Chazz (TYP Owner) on November 27, 2012 at 4:07pm

Sometimes I think the Bare Bones approach is better. Less electronics to get in the way, and it makes someone follow pure gut instinct better

Comment by Steve Routh on November 27, 2012 at 4:05pm

Chazz, sorry to hear that. We aren't much different from you, except we have a K II meter. One of the guys is obtaining some dowsing rods. We're pretty bare-bones.

Comment by Chazz (TYP Owner) on November 27, 2012 at 4:03pm

When I could still investigate I used a simple camera, a digital recorder, and a cam, and infra red but I haven't been able to do it in quite some time. I don't get around very well anymore... I am experiencing some health issues which really get in the way.

Comment by Steve Routh on November 27, 2012 at 4:03pm

Steve, your picture is very compelling. you DEFINITELY are not alone in there. I see 4 counting the one reflecting in the glasses. Very nice!

Comment by steve on November 27, 2012 at 4:00pm

 what you think my pi

Comment by Steve Routh on November 27, 2012 at 3:59pm

Hmmm ... Interesting. I'll try that. I always look for new procedures. What kind of gear do you use on your investigations?


Comment by Chazz (TYP Owner) on November 27, 2012 at 3:56pm

I hate to say it but usually I do it with blank silence. Sometimes they become active because a person seems uninterested. Other times I simply jabber away at them about anything that comes to mind. Those two ways usually work really well for me.

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