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Empathic Abitilities

Knowledge of Empath's.

And the different methods

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Empathic Abilities

First off I will give my method, as I am an Empath.

My way is dangerous to me, but it comes from Traditional Witchcraft, and works better for me.

I take on a person's illness,( or animal), into myself, I cure it in myself, which can take several days, in the meantime its dangerous to me.

I also offer a Bond to certain people, which makes me responsible for them, and I manage their illness, (in most cases Cancer, that appears incurable), only I can break the bond, and if  break it, then death will fallow, if its a Psychiatric case and I break the bond, The Psychiatric effects will be overwhelming, to that person.

Peter J Brown

There is one other method I know of, which I don't use.

Take the illness , imagine an orb or bottle, place the illness in there, then make it explode.

These are not the only methods.

Feel free to Start Discussion, on how, or your method

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Comment by Jonathan on February 11, 2013 at 5:59pm

Well I agree it is not the only method. And I don't think the word "method" is the right way to put how empathic peoples deal with their ability. I believe.. I know each of us deals in our own ways and as we grow we pick up pieces of of information such as what Peter said and the way you deal with it. My point here is never stop perfecting your craft.

Comment by Glenda Carr on May 10, 2012 at 1:00am

Thank you for allowing me into the group. I am empathic but want to learn more ad more, of course, always!  I am honored to be included!

Comment by Mynushka Lalonde on July 9, 2011 at 9:19pm
yes, it is a responsability. I think that I have to be very conscious of my energy level in a day and take good care of it each day. Using my healing potential and or brain power demands me a certain period of rest before I can use it again for good. When I am tired or emotionnally disturbed, I avoid any form of energy work. I have a meditation routine that I need to respect everyday to keep myself in balance.
Comment by B.A.D on December 19, 2010 at 5:21am

Thank you Robert for the invite to here

I know nothing about this whats so ever but to learn so thank you :)

Comment by Rev. Robert E. Murchison, R.Pp. on December 18, 2010 at 2:17am

Yes being an empath has great responsibility and great risk that comes with it. Sensing  someones emotions or illness can be unnerving but what it is more of is a drain on your entire being. I tend to focus more on the physical than the emotional tho I deal with both. Once I found that I was an empath I knew I could never hide from it but I knew that I would have to face the fact that in certain cases that I might have to go the distance with it.

I haven't heard of cases where an empath has died, but then again when does the news tell about anything like this if it isn't seen as news worthy or they are never told of what actually happened. There have only been a few times that I have pushed the envelope, but in those cases I was willing to do whatever it took. Since I am one who has walked Earth Mother in many carnations/lives the edge of the envelope has a different meaning for me. This is not the case for all empaths because some may feel the fear of dying. Luckily not everyone has come across a situation in which they must even think of that edge.

I have found for me that being an empath means that I must be attuned to my physical being as well as having some control of a majority of its natural functions. Learning this has protected and saved me more than I care to think about. This will prove to be an interesting group. Peace and Blessings, Spiritwalker.

Comment by Chazz (TYP Owner) on December 15, 2010 at 12:58am

I felt you were going to open this group[. LOL! Howdy


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